Travelers Assistance


Linking individuals and families in transition to home, family, and support

For the distressed traveler, homeless families, victims of domestic violence, crime, abandonment or exploitation, Travelers Assistance offers assessment and counseling, links to appropriate services, reconnection to family or other means of support, travel planning and, when most needed, financial assistance.



People may become  displaced and disconnected   from normal support systems for many reasons:        

  • Domestic violence

  • Mental illness

  • Family or marital problems

  • Medical crisis or health care need

  • Discharge from treatment or prison

  • Crime victimization

  • Exploitation

  • Travel breakdown

  • Abandonment



1,309 total individuals assisted

Included Above:

417 individuals reunited with family or other support which impacted 921 people

330 instances of travel breakdown

410 homeless individuals

176 cancer travel grants

50 crime victims

241 domestic violence victims